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High Desert Equestrian Center ( HDEC) is located on the edge of BLM land on a 40-acre parcel. We are a horse-centered barn where we endeavor to balance horses' needs with their human partners. Horse lovers of all disciplines can enjoy and expand their capabilities with multiple indoor and outdoor arenas including:

  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Western Riding
  • Working Equitation

We welcome all levels and types of riding and want our barn to be a place of joy, fun, and learning for the horse and rider. The 15-stall insulated barn is privately located in the center of the property. We have many varied options for horses including stalls with runs and large pens with shelters both of which have access to large grass turnout. We also have a beautiful 5-acre pasture for horses with a substantial loafing shed.

  • Large Working Equitation Ring
  • Insulated Indoor Arena.
  • Regulation Size Dressage Arena 20x60
  • Large Outdoor Oval Jumping arena
  • Perimeter riding track with varied cross country jumps.
  • Two Large Round Pens

Boarding Rates:
Full-Service Stall $800/month

  • Hay (alfalfa and/or grass) twice/day with slow-feed options available.
  • Graining (owner provides)
  • Stall cleaning twice/day.
  • Daily grass large paddock turn-out.
  • Blanketing
  • Generous Bedding

Basic-Service Stall $500/month

  • Hay (alfalfaand/orgrass twice/day)
  • Stall cleaning twice/day
  • Graining (owner provides)

Large Pens with Shelters (30x90)
$375 single horse & $600 two horses

  • Hay twice daily (alfalfa and/or grass)
  • Pen Cleaning 1 time/day.
  • Graining (owner provides)

Limited Pasture $300/month.

  • large dry lot with generous loafing shed attached to pasture.
  • Summer night turn out
  • Winter 24/7 turn-out.

Haul-In Facility Use

  • Monthly $100/per horse.
  • Day use $15
  • Day use with lesson with on-site trainer $10

Horse Hauling Service Available.

Meet Our Team


David & Annie Mueller

Welcome to High Desert Equestrian Center (HDEC). At HDEC, we work to create an organic, supportive, safe, and joyous place for horses and the people who love them. Since last summer, when we bought the barn, we have worked tirelessly to improve the barn experience for the horses and the people who love them.

My father gave me a pony when I was a young girl, and it didn’t just change my life; that pony became my world, my freedom, and my sole responsibility. It was an exploration of Alpine Meadows, trails, Pony Club, afternoons spent cleaning tack, and river crossings, and it was the beginning of a journey that has never ended, one that we could pass on to our children.

I’ve seen the best barns and not-so-great barns. At HDEC, we strive to put the horses first. In my experience, the best barns are where the horse’s needs take priority.

At HDEC we are trying to develop a fun, supportive, safe, joyous place for horses and those who love them.

Aaliyah Beadnell - Barn Manager

Aaliyah is originally from Maine, from the age of 15 she started working on dairy farms, and over the course of 8 years she expanded her field of knowledge with calving and milking cows, breeding charts, and farm equipment.

As a young girl, she had a fascination with horses, she started out with basic english riding lessons and playing around with Parelli horsemanship with friends, as her passion for equine grew, at 18 years old she traveled to Ohio, where she graduated from Hocking College with Farrier and Equine Massage Therapy. After graduating she expanded her knowledge and experience in New York, from wrangling on dude ranches, and working with English jumpers, and ex-racehorse thoroughbred broodmares and foals. Longing to get a taste of the west, she then moved to Wyoming where she was a wrangler in Yellowstone National Park.

Now in Colorado, one of Aaliyah’s main focuses, along with being a Barn Manager, is to expand her Equine Massage and Training business, Little Trigger, with her husband Dakota. Outside of the equine world, Aaliyah enjoys hiking and exploring with Dakota and their two dogs, Octavia and West.

As the barn manager, Aaliyah coordinates daily operations at the barn but can usually be found at the barn Monday-Friday 7:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. and can easily be reached by phone or text.

Maree McAteer - Trainer

Maree McAteer is a well respected international trainer, rider and clinician based in both New Zealand and Colorado, USA.

Maree grew up in New Zealand in a horse crazy family. She started in Pony Club, was an Eventing rider then settled passionately into Showjumping. Twice winner of Lady Rider of the Year and also representing New Zealand against Australia. At 17 yrs old she flew two horses to England to compete for a summer. Highlights being 4th in Welsh Derby and competing at the Horse of the Year show in Wembley.

In 1983 Maree flew with horses from NZ to the United States and took on a position as a professional Showjumping rider competing all over USA and Canada. After many years of ‘life on the road’, the draw to spend more time training got stronger. This started a fascination with all the different horse ‘training systems’. Classical Dressage, Competition Dressage, Natural Horsemanship, Doma Vaquero, California Vaquero, Philippe Karl School of Lightness,plus numerous rehab and bodywork systems. Twenty years ago Maree discovered Working Equitation at the time that it was first adopted into England from Europe. The format impressed her in that it gave people from all different training systems a place to share showing off their horses. The use of Working Equitation together with a growing understanding of how horses work through dissection science and the biomechanics of both horses and riders leads to the present day of this exciting and ongoing journey.

Maree’s latest project has been to develop a ‘groundwork’ system to help horses and people understand each other better before getting in the saddle. This simple layered system is part observation, part balancing and part responding. Through the repetition of simple exercises you get to learn how each of you relate first to your own body and then to the horses body and mind.

The goal for High Desert Equestrian Center is to incorporate all this into lessons, training and weekly classes to further kind, compassionate, educated

Sora - Trainer

My name is Sora, and I am the owner of Kickin’ Dust Horsemanship. Since before I could walk, I have been working with horses. Growing up, I took riding lessons, leased horses, and helped train horses. In 2017, I adopted my first horse, Freya. Freya was a very green mustang, adopted from Canyon City. It was a bumpy start, but these past 5 years, we have taken on the world together. Freya and I have competed in numerous rodeos and competitive trail rides, joined a drill team, attended Cheyenne Frontier Days, hosted summer camps, and more. Owning Freya has taught me so much, and I love passing my knowledge on to others.

In 2020, I made the move to Grand Junction from Fort Collins to attend Colorado Mesa University. I began as a nursing major, in the hopes to work with people. The path ended up not being for me, so I fell backwards on my backup plan and made the switch to elementary education. I love being able to work with kids especially and have yet to second guess my decision.
Come May of 2021, I wanted to take my next step and combine my love for teaching with my love for horses. I made a post on a local Grand Junction Facebook group offering my services only thinking I’d get a few responses. This post ended up taking off and here we are with Kickin’ Dust Horsemanship.

I offer riding lessons to all levels and all ages with a variety of different options. If you are interested at all, please give me a call/text at 970-214-0686 and give Kickin’ Dust Horsemanship Facebook a view.